New Skool Taxi – A Story of Effective Branding and Online Presence

New Skool Taxi, a transportation company based in Lansing, Michigan, hired Computis to develop a strong brand identity through effective logo design and marketing materials. Computis created a business package that included a versatile logo design suitable for web, print, business card, vehicle wrap, and more.

With the new logo design in place, Computis further assisted New Skool Taxi by setting up a Facebook Business Page and registering the company with Google Business Listing. This improved the company’s online presence and made it easier for potential customers to find them on the internet.

Although plans were made for a website, the company unfortunately changed hands and names before the opportunity to build one arose. Nonetheless, Computis’s branding work had a significant impact on New Skool Taxi’s overall image and marketing efforts.

Here’s a glimpse of the logo design and some of the marketing materials created by Computis:

Company Logo and Branding

The branding work done by Computis helped establish New Skool Taxi as a professional and reliable transportation company in Lansing, Michigan. The logo design and marketing materials effectively conveyed the company’s message and values to potential customers.

In conclusion, New Skool Taxi’s success story is a testament to the importance of effective branding and a strong online presence in today’s competitive business world. Computis helped them achieve both, and their work still resonates with the company’s target audience to this day.

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