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Own your Google Business Listing
Your Facebook Page

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Featuring the easy hands-off Computis system for Google Business and Facebook management.

Why do I need to own my Google Listing and my Facebook Page?

Your Google Business Listing is the first thing that comes up, when someone is “Googling” for you, or a business like yours. And usually, your Facebook page is usually not too far down the list. Even if you don’t have a Facebook page, your business probably does. Facebook likes to get involved like that. When you don’t own your listings, you don’t have control over the information that your future customer is viewing. Information such as your address, phone number, and business hours, but more than then, there are photos and other tidbits of information that help sell your business as the best!

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What the Online Ownership Package Includes:

  1. We assist you in taking ownership of your Google Business Listing and your Facebook Page.
  2. We will help you set up your accounts, usernames, passwords, and help you keep it all secure. We even keep it backed up on our ComputisCloud system. This backup is done at NO EXTRA FEE to you.
  3. We will guide you in the proper application of your Google Business and Facebook photos. We want you to look fresh.
  4. We include copywriting for your content. We use best practices for SEO (that means Search Engine Optimization, feel free to call us up and ask about it), readability, and your business branding.
  5. We will make sure your contact information is accessible and up to date. Don’t miss a future customer again!
  6. We also offer ongoing maintenance assistance for Google Business, Facebook, or Online Advertising, including our "Park It & Protect It" program for business owners who have zero desire to be personally involved with Facebook.

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After years of experience we built our Computis Packages to help small businesses manage their digital world. Our packages provide a quality work, up to date security, fast turnaround, and an easy to understand experience for the Northern Michigan business owner. We want you, and your customer, to get the best information from your digital presence.

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