Clark’s Cab – A Successful Collaboration with Computis for Website Design and Branding

Clark’s Cab was a transportation company based in Mid-Michigan that had the pleasure of collaborating with Computis for their website design and branding needs. Clark’s Cab serviced areas in Northern Michigan such as Alpena, Hillman, and Atlanta for over seven years before discontinuing their services. However, we are still proud of all the design work we accomplished during our collaboration with them, including their website, logo, branding materials, business cards, magnets, print ads, and more!

One of the main goals of the collaboration was to create a modern and user-friendly website for Clark’s Cab. To achieve this, Computis designed and built a WordPress website that showcased the company’s services, rates, and other important information. Additionally, Computis assisted with the registration of the business on Google and established a branded Facebook Business Page to improve Clark’s Cab’s online presence.

Here’s a glimpse of the website design and branding materials created by Computis for Clark’s Cab:

Transportation Company Website

The website design and branding materials were well-received by Clark’s Cab’s target audience and helped establish them as a reputable transportation company in Mid-Michigan. Customers could easily book a ride and find out more about the company’s services through the website, which ultimately led to increased business for Clark’s Cab.

In conclusion, Clark’s Cab’s successful collaboration with Computis highlights the importance of a modern and user-friendly website design and effective branding for businesses in the transportation industry. Computis helped Clark’s Cab achieve these goals, and the impact of their work still resonates with their target audience to this day.

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