Northern Sludge – A WordPress Blog for Physical Format Music Reviews by Computis

Northern Sludge Music WordPress Blog

Northern Sludge is a WordPress blog that focuses on physical format music reviews. The blog features reviews of music and photographs of the accompanying physical media. Computis was hired to create a website that would allow the writer and photographer easy back-end access for uploading and posting.

Computis built an easy-to-manage blog roll with a great design that reflected the style and identity of Northern Sludge. The website’s design was visually appealing and effectively showcased the blog’s content. The back-end access enabled the writer and photographer to easily upload and post content, ensuring that the website’s content remained up-to-date and engaging.

The WordPress blog created by Computis helped Northern Sludge reach a wider audience and increase their online presence. The blog’s focus on physical format music reviews resonated with music enthusiasts, and the blog roll’s easy-to-use design made it simple for visitors to navigate the site and access the content they were looking for.

In conclusion, Northern Sludge’s collaboration with Computis highlights the importance of a visually appealing and easy-to-use WordPress blog for music reviews and related content. Computis provided a complete solution that successfully showcased the blog’s content and identity, enabling Northern Sludge to connect with music enthusiasts and increase their online presence.

The website is live and can be viewed at

Northern Sludge WordPrerss Music Blog Long

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