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Eagle Eye Home Improvements was a contracting company based in Mid-Michigan, offering a wide range of services that included roofing, siding, windows, doors, and custom installations. Their service range spanned from Lansing to the Mackinac Bridge, and they often served areas in Northeast Michigan such as Bay City to Lewiston. Computis was hired to build a comprehensive business website and provide marketing materials for Eagle Eye Home Improvements.

The website designed and built by Computis featured pages that highlighted each trade area that Eagle Eye Home Improvements specialized in. Each product category had an internal page with associated graphics, images, and product descriptions. A contact page was also included with a form for different product categories of interest, as well as different landing pages for various marketing opportunities.

Additionally, Computis provided marketing materials for Eagle Eye Home Improvements, which included flyers for door-to-door advertising, online banner ads, print media advertising, uniform printing, contracts, and office administrative material.

Unfortunately, the company has since dissolved, and we do not have many images available of the original work. Nonetheless, the website and marketing materials created by Computis helped establish Eagle Eye Home Improvements’ online presence and reach customers across a wide range of service areas.

In conclusion, Eagle Eye Home Improvements’ collaboration with Computis demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive business website and effective marketing materials in promoting a contracting company’s services. Computis helped the company achieve their goals and establish a strong brand identity, which ultimately helped them reach and serve customers in various regions across Michigan.

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