DK Capital – A Successful Website Update for Commercial Financing by Computis

DK Capital Financial Website Long

DK Capital is a commercial financing company based in Okemos, Michigan, that specializes in assisting churches, music amphitheaters, large galleries, touring productions, and other similar companies secure financing for the expensive audio and visual equipment they need. The company approached Computis for an updated website that would better reflect their brand, personality, and marketing goals.

Computis utilized the client’s existing logo to create a visually appealing and effective website. The website’s internal pages featured a fun background that incorporated the client’s branding, adding more personality and marketing opportunities to the website. The update did not lose any important information, and content was updated to reflect the company’s latest offerings.

The client was very happy with the updated website, which successfully achieved their goals of improved branding, personality, and marketing opportunities. The website’s design, content, and functionality effectively showcased DK Capital’s services and helped them reach potential clients more effectively.

In conclusion, DK Capital’s successful website update with Computis demonstrates the importance of a visually appealing and effective website that reflects a company’s brand and personality. Computis was able to achieve this goal by utilizing the client’s existing logo and incorporating their branding into the website’s design, resulting in an updated website that successfully reflected DK Capital’s brand and marketing goals.

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DK Capital Financial Website

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