Urban Oasis Salt Spa Traverse City – A WordPress Website with Booking Integration by Computis

Booking Integration WordPress Website

Urban Oasis Salt Spa in Traverse City had a vision for their website and approached Computis with a theme picked out and images at the ready. Computis was able to utilize the client’s images, logos, and web copy to assemble a fully functioning WordPress website that effectively showcased the company’s unique services and events.

Computis also provided booking integration, enabling current and future customers to easily book classes, services, and buy tickets to events. The website’s design was visually appealing and effectively showcased the company’s brand identity, making it easy for visitors to navigate and access the information they were looking for.

The website created by Computis helped Urban Oasis Salt Spa increase their online presence and connect with potential customers. The booking integration feature enabled the company to streamline their booking process and increase customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Urban Oasis Salt Spa’s collaboration with Computis highlights the importance of a fully functioning WordPress website with booking integration for small businesses. Computis provided a complete solution that successfully reflected the company’s brand identity and showcased their unique services and events, enabling Urban Oasis Salt Spa to increase their online presence and connect with potential customers.