06 – Hydro-Phonic Records Website With Shopping Cart

HYDRO-PHONIC Shopping Cart SiteHydro-Phonic Records is a one man Record Label from Grand Rapids, MI. Computis was approached because he needed a way to sell his products to both national and international buyers. Previously all sales had been completed through email and PayPal which left him with a lot of missed opportunities. Computis built him a ZenCart along with a complete website for his record label releases. This gave Hydro-Phonic an all-in-one location to feature his releases, sell to his market, and also feature and sell his extensive personal rare vinyl and cassette collection.

The site had a full shopping cart, allowing for national orders and mailing and international orders and mailing. It was integrated with USPS shipping modules and PayPal payments. Unfortunately the label has went into a state of dormancy and the website is down, please enjoy the photo from the way back time machine.

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